[Infographic] How to Repurpose Content


How to Repurpose Content

Decide on a Topic

Make a Plan

What are your goals?

  • How do you want to grab your audience?
  • What channels do you want to hit?
  • Use appropriate channels for your target audience

Creating Text Content

  • Make sure it is well-researched and expertly written
  • If you are creating a longform piece, aim for about 3,000 words. Keep in mind that you are repurposing this article
  • This is the base for our content, and it’s where everything else will come from

Build credibility

  • Write unbiased and non promotional content
  • Cite all of your information/facts/ statistics
  • Make Your writing actionable


  • Collect stats
  • Translate key stats into the infographic
  • Display a great amount of info in a nicely summarized graphic format
  • Rank the content by highlighting statistics that are more important – show a hierarchy graphically as well
  • Different age group reactions can vary when it comes to colors, styles and imagery
  • Use clear and concise imagery


  • Evaluate your topic and materials
  • Incorporate graphics in HTML design
  • Use icons and other elements from the infographic
  • Use typography, dropcaps, headers, and dividers to break up long text blocks
  • Experiment with HTML5 interactive design elements that are SEO-friendly


  • Utilize in-depth notes or added imagery since loading is less of an issue
  • Organize your content. Use text treatments
  • White space is not a bad thing
  • Add images & illustrations to break up the content
  • Find sections from your infographic, insert them beside related content
  • Create a great cover for a great first impression
  • Save as a PDF or other eBook format


  • You can make a slide presentation compelling
  • Make a PPT the optimized way – not the boring way
  • Slides shouldn’t have a lot of text
  • Use images to drive points home
  • Take the graphics from your pieces to further explain each slide
  • This helps create a cohesive style across all the content
  • Avoid special effects


  • Video is one of the most effective forms of content marketing
  • Use a Script
  • Write down key points, don’t ever try to “wing it”
  • Avoid reading word for word, it sounds unnatural
  • Be Yourself
  • If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be
  • Keep it to the point
  • Find someone that knows video production and hire them to help

  1. Excellent post Laura. Anything that we can do to as marketers to get more ROI out of our content marketing efforts, especially online, is a great way to maximize impact. I like that you augmented the Infographic with a post. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

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