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These days, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know what a blog is. Yet only a small number of businesses really “get” the impact that a regularly published blog can have on their overall visibility and success.

If you’re one of the unconvinced who thinks that blogging is just a platform for emo teens and overexposed celebrities to publicly air their angst, listen up. You may be surprised by what we’ve got to tell you.

Who is Blogging?

We’ve already talked about the emo crowd and the celebrity ilk, but the fact is that these groups make up only a small portion of the more than 160 million blogs that currently exist in cyberspace.

So who are the vast majority of bloggers and what’s driving them to blog? It’s not boredom. According to statistics, the biggest chunk of bloggers are hobbyists – those people with a burning desire to share their leisure passions with anyone who’ll spare a moment to read about them.

You’ve probably run into quite a few yourself in the course of your online searches, and you might even subscribe to one or two.

The second biggest group of bloggers in the world is made up of entrepreneurs and corporations, who together account for 21 percent of the blogs on the Internet. What is it that these professionals are all blogging about? In a word (or four, to be exact): their goods and services.

 At Active Internet Marketing, we specialize in producing content for your blog that attracts readers and helps lead to brand affinity, sales leads, and conversions.

What can a Blog do for My Business?

You’re probably wondering: Why would anyone want to read a blog about my company? Isn’t that sort of like going out of your way to purposefully watch a TV commercial, or thumbing through a magazine and only reading the ads? Not exactly.

There are companies out there – from small businesses to major corporations – who boast legions of dedicated blog readers who hang onto every word that’s published and keep coming back for more. The reason why? Great content.

And we’re not just talking mildly entertaining fluff to waste away another boring Sunday afternoon or kill time on an extended trip layover. We’re talking high quality, compelling blogs that engage and educate the reader, while simultaneously building brand awareness and inviting significantly increased web traffic.

This is the type of content that people love, bookmark, and share with their friends. We craft content for your blog that grabs the attention of the reader and drives visitors to your company website.

How can a Blog Drive Web Traffic?

Having a blog can be an incredibly lucrative investment, especially if you’re a business owner or a corporate decision maker interested in getting more visitors to your website.

Through our managed blogging services, we imbue your website with a constantly changing stream of content that’s readily picked up by search engines. One of the many things that search engine algorithms look for when ranking websites in their search results is the frequency with which your site’s content is updated.

For exactly this reason, having a frequently updated blog can increase your company’s online visibility in a much more effective manner than paid advertising. At active marketing, we boost your ranking in the search engines by maintaining a frequent publication schedule for your blogs.

Blogging for Authority

Establishing yourself or your brand as an authority in a particular field or industry is a critical goal that many businesses strive for, but all too often fail miserably to achieve. And that’s not for any lack of expertise, either.

It’s just that they’re not effective at letting people know how good they really are. But by using the blogging services offered by Aactive Marketing, you can ensure that your website will be updated with skillfully crafted blogs that deal with relevant topics your customer base will eat up.

We do the work of researching and writing about the topics your readers want to hear about, and we produce blog posts that are authoritative, educational, and entertaining.

Let the Writers do the Writing

Let’s face it, not everyone was born to write.

Even those who enjoy immersing themselves in the creative process aren’t exactly the best equipped to deliver frequent, relevant, and professional content.

There’s a lot more that goes into writing a blog than simply stringing words together, from researching the most effective keywords and key phrases to brainstorming topics of discussion that readers will find new and interesting, to headline writing.

By working with Active Marketing, you can get back to the business of doing what you do best and leave the complex aspects involved in creating highly visible and engaging blog content to us. Contact one of our Marketing Specialists today to find out how Active Marketing can help your business produce Thought Leadership Blog Content.

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