Because we know that lead generation works best when you have a great brand.

Branding, Website Design, and Print

CNV Detox turned to Active Marketing to create an entire brand with all the associated marketing assets. We created a website, and print materials, connecting them with the young adults they help.

Print Design

IT Advisors hired Active Marketing to create a print piece with a swagger all its own thanks to one liners and imagery that no one would expect from an IT company. And it worked. Business is booming.


ACHIEVE turned to active marketing for help creating a brand identity that would differentiate them in a crowded market and connect them with the young men they help.

Paid Search and Programmatic

Rosewood Ranch hired Active Marketing to design and manage a programmatic display campaign to drive new clients and national brand awareness.

With custom display ads and corresponding landing pages, the campaign experienced results that exceeded all expectations.

Content Marketing & SEO

Our content marketing and SEO work for Avalon Malibu, a depression and addiction treatment facility in Malibu, CA area, saw them reach the first page of results for all their relevant search phrases, in one of the most competitive markets in the country.


Spotlight Billing turned to Active Marketing to create an entire brand from the ground up, along with all the associated marketing assets. We created everything; an award winning event booth, a marketing booklet, a website, and an award winning print ad.

Web Design

We design and develop the best websites in the business – fully responsive, optimized for search engines and built to drive admissions. Your business will quickly realize the value of our expert touch.

Event Marketing

Safetynet Recovery came to us with a need to promote their brand through the use of event marketing at addiction treatment conferences. We designed a great backwall with accompanying print material and other branded materials that blew away the conference.

Today Safetynet is one of the most recognized brands in addiction treatment.