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Social media marketing allows you to connect with your audience on a much more personal level than any other platform.

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Common Misperception of Social

The most common misconception when it comes to social media is that it’s as simple as building a few profiles and posting generic updates for your followers.

The worst part?

A lot of the folks who believe this are self-claimed marketers who should know better.

All too often companies hire someone to manage their socials or dump the responsibility on one of their existing team members. Usually, this leaves a company with a bare-bones Facebook page, a few followers, and some poorly orchestrated social posts that just don’t perform.

And, to no surprise, these business owners don’t believe social media is an effective tool for their business.

The good news? They’re wrong.

To run an effective social media strategy it takes serious time, effort, and some resources. The hard part is these are all things most business owners don’t have to spare.

Common Misperception of Social

So, What’s the Answer?

Partnering with someone experienced who can take care of it for you.

At Active Marketing, we’ve been managing the social strategy for our clients since the early days of Facebook and Twitter. We’ll help you find exactly what you need to do to see the kind of ROI you should from your social media accounts.

The good news? They’re wrong.

What is Social Media Management?

Think of your presence on social as a living, breathing community. It needs to be nurtured, fed, and cared for if it’s going to grow.

This is exactly why it’s crucial to be involved with your followers. Things like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts have to be monitored daily so you can interact with your community

Responses to comments and messages along with consistent posts are how you grow your following exponentially. But, you’re also building relationships with your audience. Every interaction is a form of social proof for exactly what kind of business you are.

And, believe us, customers pay attention.

That’s why every emerging platform is an important place to showcase your business and what kind of interaction you offer with your community.

Whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok—it’s a lot to keep track of. That’s why at Active Marketing we streamline all of your social media profiles and centrally manage each one so nothing gets missed.

What is Social Media Management?

How Does It Work?

Here’s a quick overview of how we’re providing our partners with the best social media experience they can offer.

Content Creation

Content Creation

This is probably what you think of when social media comes to mind. Posting content your audience wants to see day in and day out. But, most folks simply focus on their brand and their products.

It’s almost guaranteed you don’t have enough material to sustain that. Not only does that kind of content strategy make your life more difficult, but it can make your followers tune out.

At Active Marketing we make sure you’re posting content about topics your followers care about and that you’re getting the kind of engagement that will push your posts to the top of the algorithms.

Things like videos, long-form notes, photos, and daily posts make your customers curious about your brand. And, it serves as an opportunity for them to visit your site to learn more and get that much closer to a conversion.

Moderating Your Communities

Moderating Your Communities

While content is key to your social media pages, the interaction with your community is just as important in building your brand. Active fans and followers can turn into customers faster than you think. But you’ve got to engage with them first.

Keeping a close eye on your social communities can also help you avoid PR nightmares or other business issues before they happen.

At Active Marketing, our partners rest easy knowing all of their social profiles are taken care of and all their followers get timely and caring responses.

Build a Relationship with Your Audience

Build a Relationship with Your Audience

You might start to get a good feel for what works well on social. But most businesses hit a plateau. They grow their followers substantially, start to see some engagement, and all of a sudden growth comes to a halt.

What gives?

The hardest thing about social media is that it takes constant tweaking to continue to grow your audience while maintaining a relationship with your current followers.

Active Marketing is Your Social Team

Think you’ve got what it takes to DIY your social media? You just might.

But, you simply don’t have the time to cram years of social media experience into your schedule.

With Active Marketing, you get to lean on all our hard years of experience learning how to maximize social media marketing.