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Why Use Display Advertising?

If you’re like anyone else, billboards are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of display ads.

The funny thing about billboards? Most people do their best to ignore them.

They do the same thing with poorly done online advertising. But, if you try and dive deeper into effective display advertising online, things get overwhelming fast.

There are so many variables that it quickly becomes a major time suck if you want to do it right.

Luckily, we can take care of all of that for you.

We’ve already spent over a decade learning what kinds of ads drive the best return.

What Are the Different Kinds of Display Ads?

Here are some of the ads that we’ve found most effective for our clients:

Roadblock Ads

This might sound aggressive, but roadblocks aren’t a bad thing when it comes to internet advertising.

A roadblock ad is a full-screen display ad that comes up when someone is trying to access a specific web page or application.

I get it, this sounds like it would be seriously annoying to your visitors.

But statistics show that roadblock ads are incredibly effective at driving more leads. And, remember ads that work save you money in other campaigns.

At Active Marketing, our team can help you design roadblock ads that are cost-effective and successful.

QR Codes

QR codes are a more recent development in online and offline advertising.

You’ve probably seen them—they look like bar codes. But, instead of being long and rectangular, they’re square.

Just like a barcode, they allow anyone to scan the display ad with their smartphone. Once they scan the code, they’re taken to your website or a specific landing page where they can interact with your brand in real-time.

This is something we’ve done for lots of our customers and our team will work with you to determine what will drive the best results.

Email Ads

Email ads are exactly what they sound like—display ads that are embedded into opt-in newsletters.

You might be thinking: Why do I need to advertise to these people when they’re already customers or at least familiar with our brand?

Well, email ads are a great way to market to your existing customers and get them to take advantage of time-sensitive deals or referrals.

I get it, this sounds like it would be seriously annoying to your visitors.

And, you’re able to deliver these ads directly to them instead of waiting for them to run into your ad somewhere else.

Proactive marketing like this is how some of the most successful marketing teams are staying ahead of their competition.

Telling Your Story in an Ad

If you’ve made it all the way down here . . .

You’re probably asking yourself why you need a team of professionals to help you write a few online ads?

Because, logistical concerns aside, the most important thing in display advertising is to tell your entire story in just a single piece.

But, let’s say you’re right. You could do it yourself. You could spend all the time designing and wiring copy for an ad only to watch it flop. Then, don’t forget about all the time reframing that for different segments of your audience and split testing different ads to make sure they stay fresh and effective.

At Active Marketing we have a seasoned team that takes care of all of that for you.

“It takes years to develop a system that’s both effective and efficient at driving conversions from online ads.

At Active Marketing we have a seasoned team that takes care of all of that for you.

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