Easily one of our most valuable services to clients. Our high-quality link building can transform your business. Let’s talk about how.

One of the top KPIs we watch as marketers is your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

Link building is widely accepted as the most effective way to climb the ranks in SERPs.

But it’s only as effective as the strategy behind building those links.

At Active Marketing, our team of experts offers link building services that will put your company on the map when it comes to search engines.

What is Link Building?

The theory behind link building is simple. The more websites that point back (link) to yours, the more popular and credible your site becomes. Therefore, the higher your ranking will be in the SERPs.

Why It’s Important

Link building is the major complement to your SEO alongside keywords.

But, just like keywords—you don’t want just any site linking back to yours.

They’ve got to be quality websites with a strong reputation to really make a difference.

Benefits of Link Building

Effective link building doesn’t just boost your SERP rankings. A good strategy will:

  • Increase the amount of direct traffic to your site (driving more sales)
  • Boost brand awareness when other reputable sites point back to yours
  • Build trust in your business with endorsements from high profile sites

Now, the other thing to consider is how exactly you go about building those links…

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

There are endless ways to build more links to your site. But, they’re not all equal in the eyes of search engines.

Take Google for example. They rely on complex algorithms to decide whether or not the links pointing to your site are legitimate.

You might be thinking: “Why would they have to do that?

Well, there are two major ways to build more links to your site…

The White Hat Way

At Active Marketing we make sure our clients’ sites build links legitimately by focusing on the two most effective white hat strategies.

Social Media Linking

As social platforms like Facebook and Twitter grew, they created a way for businesses to cement their presence online.

Through your quality posts and those of your followers, you can create a strong network of links that drive traffic back to your site.

Content Linking

Nothing replaces top-notch content when it comes to building organic links.

Visitors are drawn to good content and once they’ve gotten a taste from your site, they’ll always come back for more.

At Active marketing, our team creates compelling, high-quality content for your site. Then, we share it across every online platform so we can build more links to your site.

The Black Hat Way

Some companies falter to using sneaky, backdoor methods to create more links to their site. And, most of the time, these are artificially created links for the sake of driving up rankings for their site.

The danger of working this way is that search engines can ban your URL if they discover you’re taking advantage of these tricks.

Now, you’re probably interested in staying on Google’s good side. Good move.

Don’t Try This at Home

Now, we’ve done a good job making this all simple enough for anyone to understand.

But, when it comes to execution, link-building can be like playing the lottery if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We’ve taken the time to build an effective and replicable link building strategy that drives results for our clients.

Once we get started, all you have to do is handle all the leads coming your way.

Are you ready?