Building a Fearless, Deliberate and Humble Brand

The Project

ACHIEVE turned to Active Marketing for help creating a brand identity that would differentiate them in a crowded market and connect them with the young men they help.

The Strategy

Active Marketing knew that they had to dig in deep with ACHIEVE to truly understand what was unique about their programs, their clients and the professional and personal relationships that existed between the two. In doing this, active marketing distilled precisely who their target client was, what influenced them, what their goals and aspirations were, what their expectations of treatment were and what they hoped to experience in life after treatment.

By gaining this level of clarity, the brand identity that Active Marketing developed resonated with ACHIEVE’s target audience and favored the idea of deeply connecting with the right people, more than trying to avoid turning off the wrong people—a move that seems risky in the treatment industry, as it’s so competitive in nature, but which paid off for ACHIEVE.

The result of this hyper-focused brand? A full census.


ACHIEVE Behavioral Healthcare is located in Delray Beach, Florida, and offers outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment to young adult males. ACHIEVE’s treatment is based on the 12-Step model and takes extra care in helping clients build the skills they need to lead a fruitful, sober life.

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