Built for Admissions

The Project

ACHIEVE hired the team at Active Marketing to build a website that conveyed their new brand, was mobile responsive, search-engine friendly and built to drive admissions.

The Strategy

Active Marketing built a custom WordPress website for ACHIEVE that integrated their signature color palette, branded imagery, expert copywriting and compelling calls to action. For a visitor basis that is often in a time of crisis, the team at Active built a website that provides a fluid, intuitive experience through the sales funnel.

By showing visitors what they want to see the most right away and then quickly guiding them through the aspects that help them in their decision-making process, the website drives qualified phone calls to the admissions team for ACHIEVE.

Relatable Photos

Calls to Action

Strong Branding

Expert Copywriting

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Located in sunny, hyper-competitive Delray Beach, ACHIEVE offers young men three levels of care to get them on the path to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. What’s unique about ACHIEVE? They do what it takes to help their clients reach their dreams—beyond simply getting sober. Whether that means helping a client get their GED, enroll in college or find a job, ACHIEVE is fully committed to helping clients.