It Was Time for Two Sites

The Project

After 30 successful years in business, Mazzitti & Sullivan turned to Active Marketing when it was time to separate their distinct service offerings into two unique websites: one for counseling and one for their EAP services. Active Marketing got to work creating a brand and website for the employee assistance program, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP.

The Strategy

An abundance of brand equity had been built for the EAP program under the Mazzitti & Sullivan name. active marketing was tasked with retaining that equity, while at the same time creating a brand and a website strong enough to draw in clients on its own merit. Not enough to just look great, of course, the custom website was built to be fully responsive for all users—offering a flawless experience regardless of which device or browser it was viewed from.

About Mazzitti & Sullivan

In 1983, Pennsylvania-based Mazzitti & Sullivan began providing substance use and mental health counseling services to adults in Harrisburg, PA. Since then, the Mazzitti & Sullivan practice has expanded to five counseling offices across the state of Pennsylvania and a nationwide employee assistance program, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP.