New Print Work to Reflect a New Brand

The Project

Real Recovery, a sober living facility in Asheville, North Carolina, engaged Active Marketing for a full digital makeover that included new branding as well as bringing the new brand to life with two print pieces: a trifold brochure and a large-format brochure.

The Strategy

Active Marketing’s goal for the trifold brochure was to maximize the available space with as much information as possible, but to present the information in such a way that the product still looked beautiful—front and back—when completely unfolded or if read panel by panel.

For the large-format brochure, we created something truly special. Drawing inspiration from the various trips the Real Recovery residents go on, we created a brochure that folds out into a road map which, when unfolded, could double as a wall poster, but one that contained essential information about the Real Recovery program.

About Real Recovery

Located in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains sits a parcel of property where groups of young men have decided to start living sober. These young men come from all walks of life, but each shares a common trait: the desire to get and stay sober and the desire to create a life worth living in the process.