Premier Addiction Treatment Program

The Project

Pyramid Healthcare engaged Active Marketing to create a strong, elegant brand for their new facility, Silver Ridge. Silver Ridge offers clients a private, luxurious setting for recovery and is uniquely tailored for midlife adults. Active Marketing’s task was to develop, define and document all written and visual attributes of the Silver Ridge brand, including the design and development of a logo, color palette, photography styles, brand voice and much more. Once completed, the brand identity was documented in a professional brand book, and active marketing carried the identity across a variety of marketing channels that included a new responsive website, trade show booth and more.

The Strategy

Our first consideration for the new Silver Ridge brand was the audience. An insight Active Marketing discovered was that the Silver Ridge client is looking to preserve their current standard of living—these individuals had all achieved a high level of success, personally and professionally, and responded to brands that conveyed a strong sense of luxury and care.

Active Marketing chose a font, typography and color palette that conveyed a strong sense of luxury and timelessness. Beautiful photography showcased the spacious rooms and contemplative spaces that the Silver Ridge client would appreciate. The use of negative space was a key consideration throughout.

About Silver Ridge

Silver Ridge is a premiere addiction treatment facility operated by Pyramid Healthcare. The Silver Ridge program focuses on the well-being of the whole person and provides exceptional, clinically effective treatment.