The Project

The Blanchard Institute hired the team at Active Marketing to create event collateral that would be used to introduce their new program and facility to the public—long before their doors actually opened to the public.

The Strategy

To showcase The Blanchard Institute’s commitment to changing the stigma that surrounds behavioral healthcare, Active Marketing created a micro-campaign for the facility’s introduction to the public called “The New Face of Addiction.”

Imagery associated with the brand and the campaign showed a diverse audience rather than the stereotypical “addict” imagery. In doing this, the message becomes clear and lasting that addiction and mental illness don’t discriminate, and quality treatment should be available to all who need it.




About The Blanchard Institute

The Blanchard Institute, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides leading-edge outpatient rehabilitation services to the clients and families they serve. The Blanchard Institute takes a true family healing approach when it comes to mental health, addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders and is committed to actively working to reverse the stigma associated with behavioral healthcare.