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Your business has a lot to say. It’s about time your audience heard it.


You don’t have to be a world class marketing guru or even be in possession of a particularly large brain to understand what content marketing is all about. In a nutshell, content marketing is the act of advertising your goods and services to customers without them even realizing they’re being pitched to.

But we’re not talking about using subliminal messages or other nefarious methods to get those marketing messages across. Besides, that’s so yesterday.

The aim of content marketing is straightforward: to create and distribute a bunch of engaging and compelling content that’ll bring your business to the attention of potential customers. If you’ve got a business with an online presence and you don’t already have a content marketing plan in place, it’s high time you got started.

Why you should have a Content Marketing Plan

Here’s a list of the top reasons why you should have a content marketing plan, each of them showing how teaming up with active marketing consultants can turn your business into a powerhouse profit earner.

You Become an Authority

Content marketing will help establish your company as an authority in your field or industry.

When you publish content that you know your customers want to read, you’re not just luring them to your website so they can make a purchase. You’re doing something a lot more important than that, and a lot more long lasting. You’re establishing yourself in that person’s mind as the go-to authority for all relevant matters in your industry.

Once this has been accomplished, you’ve gone a long way toward being the first business that pops into that customer’s head the next time they need the kind of services you offer or are in the market to buy a product that you sell.

This is an invaluable opportunity, and our consultants at Active Marketing can make it a reality by crafting highly valuable content that’ll serve to establish you as an industry thought leader.

Better Content Increases Your SERP Ranking

Content marketing feeds SEO, which is critical to ranking high in search engines. Google is constantly tweaking the way it arrives at its top search results, but one of the mainstays of their algorithms is content.

The more original and well-crafted your content, the more likely you are to be pushed up in Google’s rankings.

Of course, not everyone in the world uses Google – there are other search engines out there, including the all popular alternatives of Bing and Yahoo! – but they all take their cues from Google.

Active Marketing can help boost your ranking on all search engines by ensuring your content is always fresh, relevant, and optimized for SEO.

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It Gives You Brand Identity

Content marketing infuses your company with personality and differentiates you from the competition. Humanization is vital if you really want to connect with your audience, and relationship building is practically impossible without crafting a uniquely discernible company identity.

Ask yourself this question: if you’re marketing the very same goods or services as the competition at comparable prices, what’s to prevent a customer from simply choosing to go with the other guy?

Content marketing can save your potential customers a coin toss and make your company stand out at the same time. At Active Marketing, our consultants will help you develop an original brand identity through the writing and publication of dynamic, personality-driven website content.

You Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Everybody else is doing it. 

This reason may not pass muster with individualists who want to live their lives contrary to what everyone else out there is chasing, but the simple fact is, by not participating in content marketing you’re entering a race with a flat tire. Or trying to win a boxing match with one hand tied behind your back.

 Making the conscious decision to try to do business online without content marketing is a decision that’ll doom you to losing valuable business. If you’re intimidated by the concept of content marketing, know that our consultants will be there for you step by step to take care of the nitty-gritty while you focus on running your business.

Content Marketing is a High-Value Campaign

Content marketing isn’t a fad. It’s a legitimate marketing method that’s being embraced all over the world for its ability to dramatically increase sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Unlike what you might have heard other places, content marketing isn’t free. But its comparably lower cost makes it something that your company can’t afford not to pursue.

Active Marketing consultants don’t just make it a fruitful pursuit – we’ll shake the tree until it’s raining results.

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