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Social Media Marketing gives your business the ability to connect with your audience on a much more personal level.


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Believe it or not, a surprisingly large number of people think that all there is to social media management is creating a Facebook fan page and letting their network of followers do the rest. Nope.

Crazily enough, many of the people who think this way are skilled, educated marketing experts who should know better. But by taking such a limited approach to social media marketing, a company ends up using only a tiny percentage of the full capacity of social media.

Here’s a cold hard fact to ponder. To run a functional and effective social media marketing campaign, a business has to dedicate three things: time, effort and resources. The trouble is, these are hard to come by when you already have your hands full running a business.

So what’s the answer?

That’s easy. Partnering with someone capable of handling it all for you. active marketing is a social media management consulting service that fits the bill.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media should be looked at like a living, breathing entity. It needs to be cared for, fed, and nurtured if it’s going to grow strong.

For this reason, it’s imperative to stay actively involved in your company’s various social media presences – Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts should be monitored daily, and frequent activity ensured through the constant updating of content and information.

This fosters engagement between you and your customers and works wonders at growing your fan base.

But social media isn’t just limited to those two platforms – there are an ever-increasing number of social media sites popping up on a daily basis, and these have to be nurtured as well if you’re going to take full advantage of the innumerable opportunities that can increase awareness of your goods and services.

At Active Marketing, we don’t just focus on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, we streamline all of your social media profiles and centrally manage them so that nothing’s ever ignored.

How Does Social Media Management Work?

Here’s a quick rundown of what Active Marketing’s social media marketing and management service will do to ensure you’re not just spinning your social media wheels, but making serious gains.

Content Creation

You’re probably already well versed in the vital role that quality content plays when engaging in an online marketing campaign. But are you aware that the content you create shouldn’t just be limited to what appears on your website and your company blog?

A social media platform like Facebook can be used to create real-time content, whether that content comes in the form of daily status updates, photos, videos, long-form notes, and responses to inquiries from your followers.

At the same time, the kind of short-form content you’re able to publish through Twitter can succeed at piquing the interest of your followers and encouraging them to visit your website to learn more.

There are also many more avenues for content creation in the social media world, from YouTube for videos about your goods and services to participation in discussion forums on LinkedIn, and more. At Active Marketing, we generate quality content and loop it in with all of the available social media channels.

Monitoring Your Online Communities

As important as the publication of content is the constant monitoring of activity on your social media profiles. This includes participation from your fans and followers, which can develop into lucrative business opportunities if you act fast.

Monitoring your online communities can also alert you to customer service issues that have the potential of developing into full blown P.R. nightmares.

When you work with Active Marketing, you can rest assured that all of your social media profiles are monitored regularly and issues are responded to quickly.

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Measuring the Results

content marketing infuses your company with personality and differentiates you from the competition. Humanization is vital if you really want to connect with your audience, and relationship building is practically impossible without crafting a uniquely discernible company identity.

Ask yourself this question: if you’re marketing the very same goods or services as the competition at comparable prices, what’s to prevent a customer from simply choosing to go with the other guy?

content marketing can save your potential customers a coin toss and make your company stand out at the same time. At Active Marketing, our consultants will help you develop an original brand identity through the writing and publication of dynamic, personality-driven website content.

You Build a Relationship With Your Audience

It’s one thing to be able to tell if your social media efforts are paying off or not, and something entirely different to know what to do to maximize those efforts.

A big part of social media management also involves tweaking your approach to reach more people. With Active Marketing’s team of consultants at your beck and call, you won’t have to fry your brain trying to figure it all out on your own – you’ll be able to benefit from our knowledge on precisely what steps should be taken to fully engage your audience.

Active Marketing is Your Social Media Team

Social media management is a pursuit that should come with a warning label to those who want to take the DIY approach: proceed at your own risk. With Active Marketing, there’s never any risk – just the opportunity to make some serious gains.

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