Marketing Optimization Services for the Treatment Industry

Our highly specialized team of marketing optimization experts help businesses grow to the next level.

The internet is evolving infinitely in conjunction with the way your customers/clients find and connect with your business. Active Internet Marketing works with our clients to create aesthetically pleasing dynamic websites that bring in qualified leads through the use of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and other internet marketing techniques.

If your business is ready to take a big leap forward, let us come up with a customized web marketing plan to ensure the success and  results you deserve.

[/container] [container styles=”padding:40px 0; background:#f5f5f5; border:1px solid;”] [col span=”md-6″] Search Engine Optimization [/col] [col span=”md-6″]

Search Engine Optimization

In this day and age where your business ranks on search engines such as Google and Bing can be the difference between breaking even and making a significant profit. In order to  get our clients their desired rankings we use a combination of SEO strategies. We start out researching keywords that your customers or clients most likely will use to find you in addition to a website audit to determine where you site needs improvement. From there we use content and link building strategies along with other SEO techniques to best optimize your website. Without great content a website can only go so far and we only use white-hat, organic, SEO methods to get our clients to their goal. [/col] [/container] [container styles=”padding:40px 0;”] [col span=”md-6″] Social Media Marketing [/col] [col span=”md-6″]

Social Media Marketing

social media has become an extremely powerful tool allowing you and your clients to connect in Real Time. When used correctly Social Media can be a tremendous asset to your business’  customer service, sales, and marketing departments. In addition Social Media pages frequently show up at the the top of Search Engine Results Pages making Social Media Marketing an important part of our clients overall Web Marketing Strategy. Not only does Social Media add value to your brand and establishes you as a thought leader, Social Media allows your clients or customers to become Brand Advocates for You. [/col] [/container] [container styles=”padding:40px 0; background:#f5f5f5; border:1px solid;”] [col span=”md-6″] Conversion Rate Optimization [/col] [col span=”md-6″]

Conversion Rate Optimization

When we first sit down with a new client we evaluate their current conversion rate and hypothesize what can be done to improve it. Using a scientific approach that combines content development with A/B Testing we deduce the best way to turn a potential client into a qualified lead. By repeating this process again and again, we raise our clients conversion rate and ultimately their bottom-line. [/col] [/container] [container styles=”padding:40px 0;”] [col span=”md-6″]Pay-per-Click Management [/col] [col span=”md-6″]


pay-per-click advertising works with and enhances your organic SEO strategy and search results. Running a PPC campaign on Google Adwords is a great way to supplement a competitive key phrase that you may not rank as high for organically, allowing your target audience to see you near the top of the page. When determining an initial budget for our clients PPC campaign, we start out with a number that they feel comfortable with. We then develop a campaign that best utilizes that amount to keep Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Sale as low as possible. Once our clients see the ROI from the initial campaign(s), we revisit  upping their budget to get an even greater Return. [/col] [/container] [container styles=”padding:40px 0; background:#f5f5f5;”] [col span=”md-6″]Design [/col] [col span=”md-6″]


A quality website design will provide your business with credibility, trust, and will position you as a leader in your market. Great design also improves the overall user experience on your website and landing pages, playing an important role in user engagement and conversion rates. We will build you a website that is designed from the ground up with two things in mind: brand excellence and a great user experience. We have created hundreds websites promoting addiction treatment. Whether it’s a lead generation helpline site, or a site to promote your facility, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have tested every possibility, and scientifically determined how to entice visitors to call. Just take a look at our work, and see for yourself. [/col] [/container]