Addiction Treatment Marketing

Driving brand awareness, VOBs, and admissions for in-network and out-of-network addiction treatment centers.

Lowering addiction treatment cost-per-admission by building trust.

Few industries are as reliant on brand trust as the addiction treatment industry. Marketing for addiction treatment is an exercise in building authentic and trustworthy brands that look great and create a connection with the client.

We are experts at marketing in the addiction treatment industry, and have the results to prove it.

More phone calls for your admissions team

We know you have a great admissions team, and we know how to make their phone ring with qualified patients seeking treatment.

We track VOB rates, payer mix, and cost-per-admission to make sure that the marketing campaigns we create for you are a great fit.

We even work with your admissions team one-on-one to help them better build rapport and trust with the callers, and generate more admissions per representative.

Custom Print

Jaywalker Lodge needed a new print piece that would convey who they were as a brand not just in words, but in form. active marketing created a stunning marketing piece that stands out in the addiction treatment industry.

An eBook for addiction treatment marketing professionals.

From Website to Admission: Digital Lead Generation for the Addiction Treatment Industry

A free eBook from Active Marketing that will teach you what content and site structure to provide visitors that will generate leads quicker, easier, and cheaper.

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