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Active Marketing has specialized in growing admissions at addiction treatment centers since 2004. Through research and experience we have learned what it takes to have a successful treatment center, and we know what it takes to generate admissions.

We have uncovered insights into the purchasing behavior of those who would become your clients through our years of research and experience working with programs like yours. We know the treatment business well. This deep understanding helps us create smarter marketing that impacts your census and your bottom line.

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“active marketing helped me double my business in six months. Their impact on my bottom line has been nothing short of amazing.”

Donte Stewart,
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We are a digital marketing agency focused on generating qualified phone calls to your admissions team by increasing your site traffic and building brand trust.

We use content marketing to make sure your website traffic grows quickly. Our process is so reliable that it has become the single largest source of admissions and revenue for the treatment centers we partner with.

Our treatment center branding and design expertise will make sure that we communicate who you really are to your audience and build trust with more relevant messaging.

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Active Marketing has been in the mental health care and behavioral health care sector for more than 15 years and have been proving addiction treatment centers with best-in-class marketing to help them achieve the growth goals for their programs.

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Using Co-Occurring Disorder Messaging to Increase Admissions

Using Co-Occurring Disorder Messaging to Increase Admissions

Millennials are diagnosed with more mental health issues than previous generations, and most of those presenting with substance use disorders also suffer from co-occurring mental health issues. By speaking to co-occurring disorders in their marketing, addiction treatment providers have an opportunity during the decision-making process to show that they can meet more of their clients’ individual needs.

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Branding Process Guide: The Typography

Branding Process Guide: The Typography

When a visitor looks at your page, they look at it as a whole and subconsciously decide whether or not it is worth reading. This decision is made almost instantaneously and is affected by the layout, the images, the length of each section and the font size that is used. We all do it – try paying attention to your thought process the next time you skim a webpage. What draws you in? Does the font or style have any effect on your attitude towards the brand?

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Branding Process Guide: The Vision

Branding Process Guide: The Vision

The next ingredient is a vision statement. Vision statements are brief sentences or paragraphs that show your employees, partners, and customers where you envision the company going in the future.

They don’t focus on what you do or who you are now, they define where you are going and who you want to be five, ten or fifteen years from now.

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