Why Do These Funny, Creative Print Ads Work?

Every advertiser dreams of creating an advertisement that goes viral. We all know that funny and creative advertisements grab attention. If people respond to your ads with laughter or emotion of any sort really, they are more than likely going to respond back and share with other like-minded people. social media is huge in this process because websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ make this easy and fun. Let’s further our exploration on why these particular ads have been so successful.

1. Head Snowboards: Higher

Head Snowboards: Higher Ad
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This ad is funny and creative! I love the shock value and the morbid humor. I’m kind of a sucker for that. This silly visual play on “Jump Higher” is hilariously disturbing and that is why it made my number one pick.

2. Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

Softlan Ultra: Wrestling Ad
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Who doesn’t find this funny who has ever grappled or wrestled? The over-the-top pleasant expression on the guy’s face is enough to get a laugh. This appeals to the immature middle schooler in all of us. It’s a funny ad that will put a smile on faces of all ages because we all know this guy shouldn’t smell that good. This ad is cute and funny and even sweet in a way so it seemed fitting at number two.

3. Rowenta RO4541: Duck

Rowenta RO4541: Duck Ad
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Love, love the expression on the hunter’s face in this one. He is so pleased that his Rowenta RO4541 sucked a duck right out of the sky for him. This ad is so clever and perfectly executed.

4. Colgate Plax: Eye Mask

Colgate Plax: Eye Mask Ad
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This one is a similar concept as Softlan Ultra: Wrestling. Stinky breath is always funny, right? This ad is adorably creative, featuring a cute couple. It’s totally relatable if you’ve ever been face to face with the dreaded morning breath situation. Colgate Plax can help.

5. Pringles Hot & Spicy: Hot air balloon

Pringles Hot & Spicy: Hot air balloon Ad
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