Every phone call that comes into your company is a possible lead and/or customer therefore it is important to gather as much information automatically as soon as the phone rings.

This piece will discuss visitor-level phone tracking, what it means, Dynamic-number generation, its importance and major benefits.</p?

Visitor-Level Phone Tracking

Visitor-level phone tracking is a more advanced way of tracking to know all about your website visitors. It is a process of measuring the impact of marketing effort and lead generation and sales on a per visitor basis (ringDNA).

Integrating your call-tracking with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software System by capturing the data received from login or signup forms on your website from each unique visitor. The idea is that data can then be cross referenced with any data already in the database from phone or previous web visits giving you the most up to date visitor tracking information for each user.

You may be asking yourself what does this all mean and why does it really matter?

In the end this simply means when the same person fills out a form online, clicks through, emails and/or calls you; you are able to cross-reference the database to know that this person has contacted you and how. Now any subsequent visit or phone call for this person will be added to his or her profile.

Dynamic-Number Generation

One way to capture phone visitor-level phone results is by using Dynamic-Number Generation. How it works: when a lead reaches your website by searching with a unique keyword or phrase, your business phone number will automatically be replaced by one of your dynamic numbers you previously created. Many smaller companies only used a handful of unique numbers while an enterprise-level company may have thousands of numbers to utilize for unique tracking efforts. The idea is that the unique numbers will let your business know more about your visitor: where they came from, what keyword phrases they may have searched for, links they may have come from, etc.

Importance Of Phone Tracking

Phone call tracking in the long run can really save you time which equals money. It will make your pay-per-click campaigns more efficient and effective. The data you are able to gather from your phone tracking efforts when aligned with website visitor-level tracking can be configured to show you which campaigns and which keywords are resulting in the most sales.

Phone calls are more of an important lead than even a click-through or search engine find because someone is not just clicking a mouse or playing around on their computer, they are making a cognitive effort to reach out to you. Adding dynamic phone numbers to your campaigns is another way to up the stakes and get clearer results. Dynamic phone numbers for each add or campaign can help you know which is working and which is not. Phone tracking eliminates confusion within your campaigns so take the time to implement it into your marketing strategy.

Major Benefits

Above I talked about some of the benefits and importance of visitor-level phone tracking and other efforts. The major benefit of visitor-level tracking is that you can map out an entire visitors individual experience and journey during their information search and process leading up to an inquiry or sale.

This type of information is priceless as it is gives you the tools to adjust and change your campaign as data shows it is necessary or continue using what is working.

Final Thoughts

As with any type of marketing strategy, visitor-level phone tracking is something you and your team needs to decide if it is right for your business. In some cases it may not be, but most of the time it should be something you want to invest in because of all the benefits I talked about and more. Knowledge is power and the more you have about your analytics, the better you will be able to adapt and adjust.

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