A Declining Google and Search Marketing Impact

In the ever-changing world of SEO, some believe it could see a decline since Google recently changed its algorithm. However, SEO is alive and well and seems to be changing as are the times. What works now might not have worked a few months ago, and more changes are likely in the future in order to keep up and work the way it is intended to do. Search marketing is still important, and still a vital key to success online.

The times of SEO working as an independent factor are quickly evolving into more diverse, creative styles that are becoming their own profession. The way users have always searched algorithms have become almost redundant compared to five years ago. Consumers today expect top quality, word engagement with social proof. With changing landscapes, there is a shift toward a single concept, which is integration.

Search Marketing Integration

SMI is a term that will be widely associated in the world of search engines for a long time to come. The optimization of a search site will overlap a great deal with other marketing methods in the not so distant future. SMI could revolutionize the approach to sales, PR, branding and all other marketing disciplines. Its success will be tied in how well it integrates SEO tactics in specific marketing departments.


Branding makes sense that the more you brand a personality or product, the better chances of getting a first-page search position. Therefore, branding could continue its initiatives in line with that strategy. link building will also have to include a percentage of branded and anchored text to support this idea.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM, though it is not cutting-edge technology, it is here to stay. It builds relationships between paid advertising and search rankings. Recent Google studies showed a strong essence between click-through rates and the organic listing on a first page of results. A paid advertisement could experience a higher CTR with a high organic listing.

Video Marketing

Video is one of the most influential factors in today’s digital marketplace. It is reaching deeper into SEO territory than ever before. If a search can be explained better in a video than in a text post or search page, chances are you will see the videos outranking organic listings. Producing compelling content is still a must. Without compelling content, everything comes to a halt. Your content should live on the page and everywhere else it is seen on the web. It should be share-able and link-worthy.

Social Web

The social media has completely changed the marketing game. You should have a social strategy that can impact your marketing campaigns. Search engines are implementing social signals and measuring and branding according to algorithms that are more accurate than before. In fact, social media might be a linchpin for all marketing in the future. It can affect everything from lead generation to an after sale customer satisfaction and retention.