New Print Work for the Brand with Unfailing Integrity

The Project

Jaywalker Lodge came to Active Marketing looking for a marketing partner to take the Jaywalker brand vision and manifest it through a compelling print piece their business development and admissions teams could use to drive interest in the program. The piece had to pique the curiosity of Jaywalker’s target audience audience—young men who are highly motivated to recover—while also appealing to Jaywalker’s professional referral market.

The Strategy

active marketing brainstormed several concepts, many of which drew on Jaywalker’s logo and its location in beautiful Carbondale, Colorado, a serene and welcoming place with the Colorado Rockies in the background.

The key elements of the print piece were images of the facility, the surrounding location and—most importantly—of several Jaywalker men themselves engaged in Jaywalker activity.

The end result was an updated print piece that accurately reflects the special aspects of Jaywalker’s program and the individuals committed to it.

About Jaywalker Lodge

Jaywalker Lodge is one of the most well-respected names in the addiction treatment industry. It was started in 2005 by Bob Ferguson, one of the country’s most dedicated advocates for addiction treatment. Ferguson’s vision was to create a program based on “basic recovery principles which are timeless, powerful, simple and effective.” That vision is exemplified at Jaywalker Lodge.