Branding Success

To say that you can’t find success at internet marketing without creating a brand that’s instantly recognizable would be the understatement of the decade – maybe even the understatement of the century. But since the century’s still young and there’s plenty of time for people to make even bigger understatements, we’ll just leave it at decade. Forget semantics, though – branding is vital to your success. Not everyone thrills at the concept of having to define their brand. It’s hard work, and let’s face it: hard work isn’t easy. (Does this qualify as yet another massive understatement? You bet it does. But back to the topic at hand.) The trouble is, very few people inherently know what it takes to build a uniquely identifiable brand, and even fewer know the secret to online branding. This is actually a good thing. If more people did know how, just imagine how fierce the competition would be. As it is, you’ve already got your hands full competing with all the other capable internet marketing ninjas. Here are a few indispensable tips that will help you gain an edge in branding.

Tip #1: Give yourself a brand name.

Many online businesses are launched without much thought to this, and to their detriment. The online world is no different from the real world. You’d never open up a laundromat and call it Jane Jones Laundry (especially if your name’s not Jane Jones, but you get the idea). Given a choice, people would much sooner visit a place called Happy Fluff and Fold. What’s in a name? Everything. Create something memorable so people will remember you.

Tip #2: Identify gaps.

Once all that pesky name stuff is out of the way, it’s time to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. It’s easy to say “be the first” or “be unique” – but what does this really mean? Not everyone was a born thought leader, but you can turn yourself into one simply by identifying what people are hungry for. There are gaps everywhere. The trick to finding them is to put yourself in the position of your own customers. Read industry blogs to learn what the leaders are talking about. This will also give you insight into what they’re not talking about. Gap: identified.

Tip #3: Fill those gaps.

Once you’ve identified blog discussion topics or product offerings that people are hungry for but that aren’t being addressed, you can proceed to fill those needs. This will have the immediate effect of turning you into what you’ve always wanted to be: that aforementioned thought leader, a pioneer in your field.

Let the Experts Show You How…

It’s actually not that difficult to create a unique, unforgettable brand. The key to doing that is creativity, in both name and approach to solving problems. Need help? You can find it – simply and affordably – by working with a third party who’s experience is creating brand awareness for most all niche markets on a daily basis.