If you have ever written a blog before, or have been the one who has to come up with the editorial calendar for it, you know what a challenge it can be to always have new quality blog topics to write about.

Not only that, those topics have to be relevant which means you can’t plan too far ahead for it.

Don’t despair, though. Our 5 proven techniques to maximize search traffic with blog topics will show you how to come up with winning content ideas that bring in more qualified traffic to your site.

You will learn the best types of content you can be creating on your blog to drive traffic, and you can use those formats to be a leader in your industry.

But first, we have to review the basics of blogging.

Setup Your Framework

Blog with a Purpose

We all know business blogs are great tools generating traffic to your website and creating a higher ranking in the search engine results.

Creating traffic isn’t a justification for a blog though. You need to have a mission, so that you can create blog topics that make sense. You could go out and write a hundred posts a day on the latest celebrity gossip, and it might drive loads of traffic – but how does that help you sell blue widgets? It probably doesn’t.

So you need to have a clear goal with your company blog – is it to inform people, post the latest industry news, talk about your own company, or perhaps a mix?

There are lots of ways to setup your blog, just determine your overall goals before you start. It will make it easier on your writers and readers alike.

Set Clear Expectations

In order to increase readership and keep it, you need to set clear expectations for both your writers and your readers.

What does it mean to set clear expectations?

Simply put, properly explain the purpose of your blog and set goals for you writers. At the same time, you need to only make promises to your readers that you will be able to keep.

If your blog is a daily or weekly blog, make sure you post on the days you say you’re going to. Readers who follow your blog will begin to expect the same great content on a regular basis and will feel let down if they don’t.

Maximize Search Results and Readership with 5 Proven Techniques

Blogging is more in depth than some people think. There are certain techniques that have been proven to gain readership and rank higher.

Picking the right blog topics can make a huge difference in your search traffic, and bring more qualified visitors to your site.

Finding the right topics may seem daunting, but instead of reinventing the wheel, simply use these five tips to generate some new traffic-boosting posts:

1. Create Lists

Lists are a great way to simplify and condense lengthy or complex information. A blog is supposed to be an easy read, not a novel, therefore lists are a great way to keep it a “quick” read. In addition to being easy to read, lists are pleasant to look at as well, and are a nice design feature that invites readers in. A great list:

  • Summarizes information in a clear manner
  • Generates thought-provoking conversation and debate
  • Consolidates longer information into easy to digest bits

2. Write about Reviews

Writing reviews about other products, services or even about your opinion on a relevant topic is a great way to stand out as an expert. People like reviews and will turn to you in the future if your information is clearly stated and comes from a reliable source. Reviews are also a good way to build trust with your readers.

3. Give Tips

Tips are always a great way to evoke interest with your readers. People are always searching online for quick tips for just about everything. If you can provide “best tips” or how to do something by providing answers for your readers, people will come to you for advice in the future as well.

4. Keep Up-To-Date with Current Events/News

Summarizing current news or events is a great way to gain readership and a higher ranking.

Also relating something that is going on in the news back to your company or product will generate more traffic to your site. Setup Google Alerts for terms related to your industry to easily stay on top of what you could be talking about.

5. Release How To’s

People not only want new information, they want to learn how to do something new. If you can give them a “how to” list with step by step directions, you will not only solve a problem for them, but display yourself as an expert. Both are a win-win situation for you.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Keyword Research – remember to do your keyword research for your overall site before you start your blog. This will help you setup the topics, style and format of your overall blog. Refer to a past blog for more info about keyword analysis and SEO basics.

Search Engine Optimization – having SEO skills is not something that everyone has. Typically this is something a company must hire out in order to be done correctly. Don’t skip out on this part. Your writers work real hard to get good, quality content on your site, you want a team to properly optimize it to maximize results.

link building Don’t forget to get out and promote your content! It’s unlikely, especially if you are new or have a low-profile, that people are going to magically find your content and share it. Get out there and build some links to pump up your overall profile.

Final Thoughts

Blogging can be a lot of fun and a great way to max out your content marketing efforts. Blogs give you the freedom to write about whatever you feel is relevant and on topic. With that said, some sort of plan and goals do need to be set in order to maximize the results you are capable of.

Begin to maximize your efforts with the 5 techniques mentioned in this blog, you will see an increase both in readership and traffic to your website.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy