Concentrate on Ease When Designing Your Landing Pages

If the Internet is a superhighway, then your landing pages should be a welcoming rest area, a place where visitors can get what they need quickly and easily. Creating a well focused landing page is a crucial step to any marketing campaign.

Conversely, a cluttered or hard to navigate landing page will deflect potential customers quickly before they have a chance to learn more about your product. Read on for four must-do steps to creating a focused, effective landing page that gets you the conversions you need.

Clear Call to Action

The most effective landing pages contain a single, specific call to action. Depending on your product or service, this might be a call to provide contact information, download a sample white paper or brochure, or even make a purchase. No matter what your call to action, be sure that it is clearly actionable. Your potential customers shouldn’t feel confused about what to do. Instead, your landing page should be easy-to-use and engage with.

Simple Design

It’s tempting to create a visually stunning landing page in order to capture the attention of your potential customers, but resist the urge to use up all your bells and whistles on the way your site looks. If your design is too flashy, you may distract visitors away from that all important call to action. Instead, focus on a design that draws the eye to the action.

A simple, one color background with a button in a contrasting color can work well, as can a single image blown up across the screen. Avoid design schemes that cause the viewer’s eye to jump all over the page. That sort of design works better for a home page, where your goal is showing the visitor all that your site has to offer.

Conversion Doesn’t Always Mean “Sale”

Another thing to keep in mind is that your ideal conversion doesn’t have to be a sale. Some customers will be turned off by a landing page that only offers a purchase; will yours? Carefully consider your target audience, and think about the route they’ll take to reach your landing page. Will they arrive in the purchasing mindset? Or will they still be gathering information? There are a number of different offers you can present that require no investment on the part of the potential customer.

Real Value  Real Offer

Finally, be sure that your call to action offers something of real value. What will the customer receive for their engagement? Are they getting a discount they wouldn’t get at your brick-and-mortar store? Is your offering something they could easily find elsewhere? Be sure that you are giving something unique and valuable, something that visitors to your landing page will really want to say “yes” to!