Going to conferences is a great way to network, especially for online marketers who may not have as much face-to-face interaction in their daily work life. Why though, would a company like us choose to go to Innovations in Recovery, a conference dedicated purely to the addiction treatment industry?

Easy: We’re the leader in addiction treatment marketing. We know the strategies and techniques that will take an addiction treatment facility’s marketing to the highest level and give them the success they desire in a hyper-competitive industry.

When you specialize in a particular industry, take yourself to where they are, and show them why industry specialization in marketing is worthwhile. We’ll be there –

  • Innovations in Recovery
  • Booth 58
  • Hotel Del Coronado’s Exhibitor’s Area
  • San Diego, CA
  • March 31st to April 2nd

Our Unique Challenge in Marketing Online for Addiction Treatment

The question is: What is so unique about addiction treatment marketing that it requires a specialized marketing company?

    1. Addiction treatment is a very private matter.

Many people seeking out a treatment facility would not openly proclaim that they or their loved one is addicted to a substance. To truly reach out to these people and motivate them to call, we have to respect their privacy. These two concepts may seem like they’re in conflict, but they’re not. Ask us about it at Innovations in Recovery – you’ll see how it works.

    1. Addiction treatment marketing is extremely competitive.

It is by no means an industry that your run-of-the-mill website marketer can just pick up and have success by using traditional techniques.

The costs involved in advertising, especially on Google, are astronomical, even when compared to industries like car sales or ecommerce.

Our expertise comes from knowing how to improve the return on investment without resorting to just “throwing money at it”. Many of our innovative ideas come from the need to be efficient with money and time.

Help Yourself with Our Free Stuff

CEO Michael Myles - He'll be at the conference!

CEO Michael Myles

Innovations in Recovery is a great conference for the newest in addiction treatment and health, and we’ve got the goods to continue that fresh thinking. We’ll have a free book at Innovations in Recovery – it’s like an eBook, but on actual paper – called “A Guide to lead generation Websites”.

Marketing online for addiction treatment is about getting people to talk to you over the phone – there are no instant “add to cart” sales in this industry, so knowing how to generate leads and nurture them towards a sale is key.

The booklet is free, but copies are limited, so come see us and grab one before we run out!

Now Come Find Us – It’s Easy

We’re internet marketers, but we’ve got the people skills too! Look for us at Innovations in Recovery, a “new behavioral health conference designed to keep treatment professionals on the leading edge of unique approaches” – and we offer one of those unique approaches.

We mentioned it at the top, but just in case: We’ll be in San Diego, California at the Hotel Del Coronado’s Exhibitor’s Hall, March 31st to April 2nd from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Check us out at booth 58 and we can chat about the unique aspects of addiction treatment marketing. Hope to see you there!