The ultimate goal of any business is to make conversions and get more customers.

This piece will discuss the importance of a great website and give 6 tips for building one that drives sales.

The Importance of a Great Website

It’s important to note that a pretty website isn’t enough anymore. If you are missing the mark on function, relevant content or intuitive navigation—you’re missing out on possible conversions.

Don’t panic yet.

In some cases small changes will make your site look and function better.

6 Tips for Building a Better Website

    • Get Your Key Message Across

It should take less than 5 seconds for your visitors to know who you are and what you’re selling. Eliminate words that are redundant and use the phrases that your potential customers use to describe your solutions.

    • Conduct Proper User Testing

Science_GirlConduct a proper set of user tests to see how well your website functions, how users respond to it and how quickly visitors are able to accomplish their goal (gather a better understanding of your company, request contact, schedule an appointment, make a purchase, etc.).

Even though this may seem like it will slow you down to begin with, it will definitely save you time and money in the future.

    • Simplicity: Stick to the Basics

While there are many things about your company that you’d like to share, your website is a place to feature the information that is meaningful and relevant to your customers. Information overload will overwhelm your site visitors, likely causing them to bounce off the page. Keep your site (particularly your home page) simple and provide very clear call-to-action(s) (CTA’s).

    • Invest in Great Content

Great content separates a good website from a great one. Take the time to plan out the content for your website, landing pages and advertisements. Make it so your visitors want to read more, convert and share what they have just read.

    • Include Engaging Elements

Engaging elements typically include social media links (buttons), forms, downloadable content, videos, etc. You want your visitors to feel comfortable enough to engage in a conversation with you, your staff and your product or service. This piece of your website is crucial to success.

    • Navigation, Navigation & Navigation

keyboard-254582_640Navigation includes everything from the menu bar on your website, to how a user gets between point A and B, functioning (and not functioning) links, the process you want your users to take in order to convert, and more. It is key that you make it easy for your users to make their way around your site and find the information they are looking for.

Final Thoughts: Better Websites + More Quality Visitors = More Conversions

Plain and simple, a better website will drive sales for your business. Every website and business is different. As are customer needs. Therefore, the experience they expect to have on your website will differ, too.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn