The Experts Guide to PPC

The Experts Guide to PPCPay-per-click has expanded beyond a simple click-and-pay formula, so much so that whole jobs are created just for the purpose of handling the PPC market. There are many people who are handling PPC competently, but haven’t expanded fully into the complex web of features that will take their accounts to the next level. This guide will help take people to that level.

The Nitty-Gritty Details of Pay-Per-Click

The details of PPC are often overlooked in favor of getting the basics down, and rightly so. However, to move beyond the competitive sphere and take the most optimal spot in the auction requires an expert level of planning and execution.

This experts guide to PPC goes over those details, and takes into account that PPC is more than just AdWords by including details on getting the most out of Microsoft Bing and alternative PPC services.

Choosing the Right Section

This guide runs chronologically through the planning stages of PPC all the way to analyzing account results. However, each section can be read separately and out of order if desired. Move beyond the simple formula of paying per click and make yourself an expert in PPC.

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Table of Content

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Chapter 1:

Effective Keywords

Chapter 4:

Adwords Advanced Settings

Chapter 7:

Analyzing Your PPC Data

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Chapter 2:

Standout Ads

Chapter 5:

Bing and other PPC Avenues

Chapter 8:

Adwords Editor

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Chapter 3:

Actionable Landing Pages

Chapter 6:

The Display Network