Countless businesses have discovered the value of landing page forms for converting website visitors into leads. However, some business models require the kind of direct contact only a one-to-one phone conversation can provide. That’s why it’s essential to set up a suitable and specific landing page for phone calls.

It may seem an unreasonable goal, but by removing distractions, applying standard design principles, and a clear phone-driven call-to-action, you can actually generate more quality phone leads from your landing pages.

Why Phone Calls?

Web forms are proven to work. In fact, they work so well for lead generation they have become the de facto standard in just about any landing page strategy. It’s easy—collect visitor information and start blasting offers.

The problem is that although web forms can generate a large quantity of leads—especially when in conjunction with a special offer or immediate payoff—very few of those leads are really qualified for the service or product your business provides. By exhorting landing page visitors to call, the percentage of qualified leads can increase dramatically.

Eliminate Distraction

When targeted visitors land on your page, you want them to perform a single action—call right now. Why then, would you include site navigation, external links, e-mail forms, or surveys? In most cases, including options for visitors is a “fish net” attempt to throw a wide range of conversion points out of fear that you won’t garner every possible lead if you don’t give users all of those options.

The best leads are visiting your page because they are looking for the specific service you offer. By focusing on this single contact point, you actually filter out the marginal leads that are of no value anyway.

With a custom html page, WordPress page template or even a few CSS alterations, you can eliminate opportunities for the potential lead to bounce.

Though necessary components vary on a case-by-case basis, we have found that removing some or all of these standard elements increases phone conversion rates:


  • External links
  • Header Navigation
  • Footers
  • Email links
  • Contact Form
Distracting Landing Page

Too many options allow visitors to bounce.

Remove Distractions from Landing Pages

Promoting a single action generates more calls

Landing Page Best Practices

Perhaps more than any other type of landing page, following best practices when optimizing for phone conversions is essential. Keep your page simple, build trust, and emphasize benefits of your product.

Keeping your page simple and clean is often easier said than done. Business owners are so excited to promote every single service offered, the page becomes overloaded with unnecessary content.
Remember, every bit of clutter further distracts the user from your call to action. If any single item doesn’t need to be there, get rid of it!

Consider replacing long paragraphs with a headline, brief description of why the visitor should call, and a bullet list of benefits your service will bring. A photo or illustration demonstrating the happy, satisfied or secure emotion they’ll feel after calling is a great way to alleviate reservations they may have.

You can also build trust in the visitor’s eyes by including eye-catching seals associated with honorable, tested businesses.


  • Certifications
  • Awards
  • Prominent Reviews
  • Testimonials

Another common pitfall is placing too much focus on the features of your product rather than the benefits it offers your potential new customer. If you produce toasters, replace the specifications of the new-fangled spring system with a note on how delicious the toast will be, how happy I’ll feel eating the toast, and how much time I’ll save each morning with your awesome new toaster.

Bullet lists are a simple, concise way to communicate the benefits of your product to page visitors. After all, they are looking for a toaster that saves them time, and your toaster saves them time.

Sometimes a longer description of the benefits can be valuable, but you can still keep the page feeling clean and simple. Place more exhaustive descriptions below the fold, utilize heading formats and break up the content with graphics. A second call-to-action at the bottom of a very long page can be a good idea in this case.

Create Clear Phone-Driven Calls-to-Action

Placing a clear call-to-action on your landing page may seem like Web Marketing 101, but you’d be surprised of how often the very action (technically) promoted on a page can get lost in a sea of cluttered content, distracting images, and just plain bad design.

A clear CTA doesn’t have to be enormous. Sometimes a full-width 50pt phone number does the trick, but many times, simply utilizing fundamental design principles like negative space and color can easily draw the visitor’s eye exactly where you want.

Better Toast Landing Page

A little color and negative space make your CTA stand out.

Along with the phone number should be a pointed headline communicating exactly what to do and why. If a visitor were to see only one single item on this page and be motivated to call, this is it. Repeating your ad headline from which they clicked can be an effective way to communicate “Here is that exact thing you are trying to find!”

In a world increasingly devoid of human contact, phone calls present a new sense of vulnerability to the caller. However, those who are willing to take that risk in orer to reap the benefits of your product are by far most valuable leads you can get. With landing pages that eliminate distractions, follow best practices in design and execution, and present a can’t-miss call-to-action, you can generate more and better leads with phone call conversions.