We’re going to be speaking at Moments of Change 2014! Hooray! If you’re excited, or if you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, read on.

Moments of Change 2014: Innovations in Integrated Treatment Conference is a gathering of the makers and changers in addiction treatment. The conference seeks to educate and motivate addiction treatment professionals, giving them the tools and encouragement to keep the industry moving forward and help those in need.

We’re part of that, by specializing in online marketing for the addiction treatment industry. Marketing has a role in that innovation, and we’re proud to be involved.

Why Is an Internet Marketing Company at Moments of Change 2014?

We're even a NAATP member.

We’re even a NAATP member.

Addiction treatment is a growing industry, and that’s not a bad thing – more and more people who actually need help are reaching out. Marketing in the addiction treatment industry revolves around trust building, and we do this through multitudes of ways:

  • Providing visitors with the information they need about addiction, treatment, and how this facility would work for them
  • Developing a compelling, easy-to-navigate website that speaks for them, not just at them
  • Getting the word out about addiction treatment throughout the web, showing visitors that getting help is nothing to be ashamed of

Many addiction treatment facilities are not taking advantage of their online potential to not only gain new clients, but also change the idea that addiction treatment is something to be hidden, thus helping them attain more clients.

This is an opportunity where doing something good in the world is the key to growth. Removing the stigma from addiction means that more people are willing to get help, and being the person to do that means that you’re the one they go to.

It’s a win-win situation and we specialize in getting the most out of that.

What Are We Talking About?

Michael Myles, our CEO, is pairing up with William McCormick, the CEO of Medivance Billing Service, to give a talk on “The Essentials of Revenue Growth: Internet Marketing & Revenue Cycle Management”. It seems like a pretty interesting pairing, doesn’t it? Here’s what they’re going to talk about:

Michael Myles – CEO of Active Internet Marketing

myles_michael_transparant_150x5241.pngNeed a primer on Internet Marketing Optimization? Mike is the one to hear it from. He’ll be going over key essentials for the internet marketing optimization process, including:

  • How to attract customers
  • How to get them to become leads
  • Why you should test, test, and test some more
  • How to infinitely refine your process for growth

Can’t make it to the conference? Check out an eBook (or two): https://www.activemarketing.com/ebooks/

William McCormick – CEO Medivance Billing Service, Inc.

medi-abtus_23Getting paid in behavioral healthcare is often a tough business if you don’t keep track of everything. William McCormick is giving a primer on revenue cycle management, which is a robust process that begins with a charge from the facility and ends with how much the patient will actually pay.

There are many hands that the charge goes through until it reaches that point, and knowing how it works and what to look out for is essential towards getting payment for work, and not passing that onto your clients.

Here’s Why the Pairing Works: It’s All About Growth

How do internet marketing optimization and revenue cycle management work together so well? Both are aiming for growth by following the process from start to finish, while keeping track every step of the way. This is how you get the most impact out of both processes.

For internet marketing, it’s about testing, recording what you’re testing, and testing again. In revenue cycle management, growth is about making sure you’re getting paid by following each step and making sure no one is trying to hold onto what should be passed onto the client.

Moments of Change is about innovation, and both of these speakers show that constant innovation is the key behind growth.

Come See Us Innovate

West Palm Beach is a beautiful city, so stop by and see us talk! We’ll be at the Breakers on September 19th, 2014 in the Venetian Ballroom, giving a workshop on “The Essentials of Revenue Growth: Internet Marketing & Revenue Cycle Management” at Moments of Change 2014. It’s from 1:30-3:00pm.

Be there and innovate with us.