How to Repurpose Content

Decide on a Topic

Make a Plan

What are your goals?

  • How do you want to grab your audience?
  • What channels do you want to hit?
  • Use appropriate channels for your target audience

Creating Text Content

  • Make sure it is well-researched and expertly written
  • If you are creating a longform piece, aim for about 3,000 words. Keep in mind that you are repurposing this article
  • This is the base for our content, and it’s where everything else will come from

Build credibility

  • Write unbiased and non promotional content
  • Cite all of your information/facts/ statistics
  • Make Your writing actionable


  • Collect stats
  • Translate key stats into the infographic
  • Display a great amount of info in a nicely summarized graphic format
  • Rank the content by highlighting statistics that are more important – show a hierarchy graphically as well
  • Different age group reactions can vary when it comes to colors, styles and imagery
  • Use clear and concise imagery


  • Evaluate your topic and materials
  • Incorporate graphics in HTML design
  • Use icons and other elements from the infographic
  • Use typography, dropcaps, headers, and dividers to break up long text blocks
  • Experiment with HTML5 interactive design elements that are SEO-friendly


  • Utilize in-depth notes or added imagery since loading is less of an issue
  • Organize your content. Use text treatments
  • White space is not a bad thing
  • Add images & illustrations to break up the content
  • Find sections from your infographic, insert them beside related content
  • Create a great cover for a great first impression
  • Save as a PDF or other eBook format


  • You can make a slide presentation compelling
  • Make a PPT the optimized way – not the boring way
  • Slides shouldn’t have a lot of text
  • Use images to drive points home
  • Take the graphics from your pieces to further explain each slide
  • This helps create a cohesive style across all the content
  • Avoid special effects


  • Video is one of the most effective forms of content marketing
  • Use a Script
  • Write down key points, don’t ever try to “wing it”
  • Avoid reading word for word, it sounds unnatural
  • Be Yourself
  • If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be
  • Keep it to the point
  • Find someone that knows video production and hire them to help