As providers of addiction treatment marketing, we have found that there is a lot of overlap between those who need help for addiction, and those who need help for eating disorders.

Because of this, we felt it would be an excellent and enriching activity to expand our role as a treatment marketing provider to eating disorders. Over the weekend, we had a great time at the National Eating Disorder Association’s, or NEDA, conference.

Meeting the Community of Treatment Providers

NEDA Conference The NEDA conference gave us an excellent opportunity to meet the best professionals and treatment providers for eating disorders in the country. We ran into Joe Fiorello, who the community relations coordinator at The Recovery Village.

As an addiction treatment provider, he understands the need to make connections with eating disorder treatment centers to ensure all patients get the help they need for issues that other facilities specialize it.

We also spoke to Audrey Spenser, the Marketing and Communications Coordinator a Selah House. We had a great conversation about the needs of eating disorder treatment centers, and this helped us understand how we can better our marketing efforts to ensure that those with eating disorders get the information and find the help they need.

Passing out Great Information

We loved connecting with all of the professionals and the NEDA conference, and we wanted to offer them something in return.

At the conference, we passed out “The Guide to Lead Generation Websites”, a comprehensive look at a website broken down into its key elements. When visitors arrive at a site, sometimes they can be overwhelmed by the amount of information, and leave because of this.

With the guide, visitors are instead lead down the funnel that fits their needs and takes them naturally towards a conversion.

It was a great hit at the conference, and we hope that it will help those who picked it up create better websites to better help the people who need their services.

Learning About Eating Disorder Treatment

photo This conference was our opportunity to really learn about eating disorders from those who treat it. Without that, we would not know how to connect with their target audience and making them feel safe.

We thoroughly enjoyed the keynote “Rebooting Recovery: How to Use Tech as an Ally for Healthy Connection, Community and Resilience” presented by Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD.

If we could, we would have gone to all of the presentations and workshops just to get a better understanding of the needs, wants, and goals of those entering eating disorder treatment. We believe internet marketing is more than just pushing your message onto consumers – it’s about helping others find the information and treatment they need as easily and effectively as possible.

The connections we made at NEDA 2014 will be valuable towards fulfilling that belief.