Now That You Are Driving Traffic

Creating a focused, engaging landing page is just the first step in growing your customer base. Next, you must start converting visitors into leads, but luckily there are several strategies to convert interest into sales. You may be doing some of these, But are you doing all of them? or doing them right?

  1. Exclusivity

    Creating a feeling of exclusivity can prompt visitors into action, especially if they feel that the offer is specifically tailored to them. Work to create an offer that feels custom tailored to your potential audience and amp up the exclusivity by limiting the offer and prompting visitors to act quickly in order to take advantage before someone else does.

  2. Instant Gratification

    If you’re offering a tangible product, like a downloadable E-Book, visitors should be able to instantaneously access the material after entering the required information. Requiring an additional step, like an email confirmation, can be tedious for visitors who aren’t ready to fully buy-in. Be clear about what visitors are required to do to access your offer. If you ask only for their zip code, then reveal a page of detailed information they must fill out, it can feel like a bait-and-switch, which is real turn off for many visitors.

  3. Ease of Ask

    Similarly, try to make your ask as easy as possible, especially when engaging first time visitors. Entering a zip code or an email address or answering a two question survey is much simpler than filling out a detailed form or making a purchase. Your site shouldn’t communicate that doing business with you is difficult, so make it easy on the visitor from the very first ask.

  4. Testimonials

    Testimonials can be a powerful tool for visitors who are using your site to research competing products and services. The goal is to present specific, positive testimonials from real people. Whenever possible, use the person’s full name and the name of their business, as well as a photograph of them, if possible. Use your best judgment when requesting testimonials; if you’re a B2B site, you’re more likely to find fellow media professionals willing to lend you their image and even link to their social media or Google+ sites, but “regular” customers might be understandably less willing to disclose so many details.

    No matter how much information you provide, be sure that the testimonial itself is specific and clear. “Good job” can be worse than no testimonial at all; your visitors want to work with a company who inspires passion and loyalty, not a lukewarm thumbs up.

  5. Social Presence

    Finally, considering connecting your social media presence to your site so that visitors can quickly assess your impact and level of engagement in the industry. Of course, this approach only works if you’ve spent the time to develop a robust social media platform, so be sure to regularly update and monitor all of your accounts before linking in order to put your best food forward and boost your conversion rate.

Make Sure to Apply Some Diversity

There’s no single way to quick conversion, but employing several solid tactics can help you boost your conversion rate and net more leads. After trying a few strategies, determine which seems to be the most successful, then refocus your campaign on making those strategies even better. Knowing what works on your audience is vital to capturing and converting visitors, so pay attention to what works (and what doesn’t) and you’ll be well on your way to a higher conversion rate.