The SEO Game Has Evolved

In the past several years, the SEO game has gone through some major changes. One of the latest trends buzzing for businesses looking to improve their search rankings is a concept called “co-citation.” So what is co-citation, and why does it matter? Most importantly, how can you and your business leverage this tool to your advantage?

Co-Citation: What It Is

Co-citation may sound complicated at first glance, but it’s a fairly simple way of privileging Internet content that’s been validated by more than one source. The idea is borrowed from the academic world. Most journal articles or books have lengthy lists of references, or “citations,” where the author credits their influences. The more times a work is cited, the more credible it appears to me.

The same logic applies on the web. Google’s latest search algorithm’s have begun rewarding pieces of content that are linked by multiple related sources. In other words, if site A and site B both link to your piece of content, then you have a better chance of rising in the search rankings.

Co-Citation: What It Isn’t

Co-citation can be a hard nut to crack since you can’t create this kind of credibility all on your own. Unlike SEO tips of the past, including keyword stuffing and powerful anchor link text, the ball is slightly out of your court on this strategy. Pestering bloggers and other businesses to link to you won’t make you any fast friends, and you can forget direct messaging your links around Twitter. That type of SEO marketing is spam, plain and simple, and it won’t lead to co-citations or improved rankings.

Linking Up: How to Get Those Coveted Clicks

Instead of bombarding people with your links, the best approach to gaining co-citations is to devote yourself to publishing unique, high-quality, share worthy content. Share your content via your own social media platforms, and your clients and customers will share in turn. When it comes to co-citation, an updated version of the golden rule is a good rule of thumb: “link unto others as you would have them link unto you.” This simply means that when crafting your content, don’t be shy about including links to other sites and pieces of content.

Join The Conversation and You Will Get Noticed

By joining part of the digital conversation, your site will move higher in the search rankings. Ideally, your content will start getting linked as well, and your will build credibility and attract those clicks you crave. When it comes to leveraging the power of co-citation, think about good old fashioned relationship building. By linking to content you like, you’re joining an industry conversation and positioning your business or client as a tuned-in, credible source deserving of more clicks, and ultimately, more customers.