ctrboost Duncan Parry, Author at Steak News and Blog says it best – “PPC is like a cross between Scrabble and Sudoku.”

PPC can open up a whole line of new opportunities for your marketing campaign including increased keyword results and instant feedback on your new strategies.

This piece will discuss some basic reasons that you need to boost your PPC campaign, simple tips and tricks of PPC and much more.


Whether you already have a PPC campaign in place and are questioning its strength or if you’ve never had one, the below reasons can help you make the proper decisions as you move forward with your marketing endeavors.

  1. You Have A Seasonal Product Don’t fall into the same ad trap all year long. Strategically place your ads to align with the seasons of Mother Nature and your products. PPC is a great option for these types of seasonal ads.
  2. You Need Immediate Results (time-sensitive product or launch) Even though Google is getting better at indexing your new website content, it does still take time to see your results. PPC ads can be situated around your schedule. So if you need an announcement to reach your target audience this afternoon, tomorrow, two weeks, etc.; it is possible with PPC.
  3. Your average position is falling Depending on your market, most likely your competition is getting higher and higher therefore your position may begin to fall. Act on these changes in the market, shake up your strategy and boost your PPC campaign.
  4. Your budget is maxing out every day If your budget is maxing out each day, you could be missing out on valuable impressions by not properly targeting (properly utilizing keyword match tool in settings) your PPC campaign. Re-work your settings and negative keywords to limit (target) your spend.
  5. You’re not maxing out your budget Contradictory? Not quite. This means your location targeting is too narrow or your keywords are too specific. Consider expanding outwards to find a happy medium between the two.
  6. You’re having a sale Maximize your sale with a strong PPC presence. Get more specific and narrow your keywords to better highlight the sale. PPC is nice to utilize when you have a specific event, sale or time period you’re trying to advertise for with specific parameters.
  7. Your impression share is too low If less than 10% of your target audience is actually seeing your ad, it might be time to either increase your budget or optimize your bids for a lower position. Sometimes it is easy to focus on being in the top position, but if you’re not showing up frequently enough, it is surely not worth the money being spent.
  8. You’ve Exhausted All Other Options I don’t say this because I think PPC should be your last option because truthfully PPC can really be the foundation of all things dealing with Online Marketing. I just mean that if you have already maximized your organic SEO and your organic search engine results are still not getting you your desired outcome, then you can look to other options like PPC to boost your results.


Though there are many tools and tutorials available to set up your own paid ads, it is always recommended to leave it to the experts. A PPC professional will be better able to max out your results with the budget you have. PPC is a great way to get instant results and gain more control of the visitors you are bringing to your site(s).

Take the time to look into your PPC and other Online Marketing techniques for that matter to see where there is room for improvement; there usually always is.

“He who ask a question remains a fool for 5 minutes, he who does not ask remains a fool forever.” – Chinese Proverb