We’re back today with /news/archive/ look at building an effective lead generation site. You might recall that in Part I we looked at segmenting our audience and creating a site targeted to the visitors that we want. Today, we’re going to learn about getting those visitors to your site through promotion and advertising methods.

Promotion Your Lead Generation Site

There are three primary ways to drive visitors to your site – social promotion, search advertising, and organic search optimization. This post is going to focus on social promotion and search advertising, and we’ll circle back to organic search optimization in /news/archive/ post.Organic search is a long term process and you won’t be generating a ton of traffic from that channel at the start, but social and advertising can get ramped up immediately when your site launches.

3 Channels for Traffic:

Social Media Promotion Techniques

When you develop your persona, you will be able to see the categories that your target audience is most interested in. This information can help you tailor your social promotion to meet that audience.For instance, if your audience is into breaking news and technology, they probably use Twitter. If they enjoy crafting and art, you can try to find them at Pinterest.By using the information you gathered containing interests, you can use Klout, to see who some of the most influential people are within those categories.A good social campaign needs a good online reputation management strategy handy.
Sharing content across Facebook, Google+, and Twitter isn’t just simply posting it there and seeing if others find it and like it, it takes time and a little dedication.You want to share content on the pages and profiles of industry influencers, and other popular circles that have a large representation of your demographic present.You should share your content, comment on your posts and interact with others on other posts, and continuously interact with others on a regular basis.Regular posting and interaction with your fans and potential leads helps build your authority and relevance on the social sites. This builds credibility for your brand in the eyes of the audience and will pay off in the long term.

Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

If you want to send traffic to your website, and get it there quickly, then PPC marketing is a good outlet for you to try.Advertising across Google and Bing can be extremely effective for driving traffic to your website, but you have to make sure that you are careful at how you go about setting up your campaigns.

It’s easy to spend a lot of money that doesn’t bring you any return in this channel – especially if you aren’t careful with your targeting.

Hot Tips for PPC Marketing

Ad Groups and Keywords

  • Keep your ad groups and keywords organized so you can see where you are getting the best return, quickly.
  • Pause underachieving ad groups in order to save your budget.
  • Don’t be afraid to be specific – give the searcher what they are looking for if you have it.
  • Don’t stop keyword research, ever. You might uncover great new terms.

Click-through and Conversion Rates

  • Keeping an eye on your click-through and conversion rates can make all the difference in your paid advertising efforts.
  • If your noticing ad groups with a poor CTR, then you know that your ad text could use some sprucing up.
  • If new ad text doesn’t improve the CTR, perhaps the keyword isn’t as good as you had thought.
  • A/B Testing can help you determine the best ad text for a campaign – run some ad tests and pick winners.

Ad Text

  • A key component of your advertising success is making sure your ad text is short, sweet, and complete.
  • Use your testing to determine what words trigger the right response in your targeted market.
  • Keep in mind that not all customers respond the same. Different markets = different ads.
  • Keep in mind your target audience and industry.

Quality Score

  • A measurement of quality, relevance, and performance that can affect your ad positioning and cost-per-click.
  • The higher your able to keep this number, the better performance you’ll see from the ad and ad group its associated with.
  • Keeping your ads specific to your offering will help you with quality.
  • Using a targeted landing page optimized for the terms and products you offer also help.

Optimizing for Conversions

Now you’ve setup a social media plan and you are driving targeted traffic to your site, but you’re seeing a new issue – all those new visitors aren’t actually filling out your forms!

You know you are hitting the right target demo, but you just aren’t getting the submissions that you anticipated. People bounce quickly or leave without looking around, and you aren’t getting the leads that you were planning on.

This could mean that either the website is hard to navigate, unappealing to your audience, or there is no real call to action.

In the next step, we’ll cover some conversion rate optimization tips and tactics, that should really help you start to notice some significant improvements almost instantaneously. Check back soon to learn awesome conversion rate optimization tips, or visit our CRO page on the site to learn a bit more now.